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This is one killer web application, and something I’ve been specifically waiting for ever since I first tried out TiddlyWiki some months ago. It’s called ServerSideWiki — it’s a centralized version of TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki is a remarkably useful “non-linear personal web notebook” that runs right in your web browser. It allows quick editing, linking, and formatting of text content (see the orignial Wiki), but it does it all in one seamless application, instead of the traditional “send information to the server and wait for a response” method.

Sound familiar? That what the promise of AJAX applications has been bringing to the web. Applications such as Google Maps and Ta-da Lists (to name just a couple) use this technology to make us forget we’re in a web browser.

But TiddlyWiki’s fatal flaw (at least the thing that kept me from really using it) is that it saves its data right on your computer. I realize that there are some advantages to this, like access to your information when you’re not online, but for someone like me who uses at least three different computers daily, what I really want is the easy synchronization that comes for free by storing data on a centralized server. And that’s what ServerSideWiki delivers.

There’s a disclaimer about ServerSideWiki being in development, but it works great for me so far in Firefox. Give it a look! (via Jake Tracey)

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Since it seems like such a large portion of my posts here have become Mac-related, and since I’m always following the news and learning more about my computer of choice anyway, I’ve just launched a new site: Macpot!

Macpot is dedicated to news, tips, and tutorials about the Mac and the OS X platform. To get things started, I’ve added most of the relevant Mac content from Distracto to Macpot. I’ll be writing lots of original content for the site, and will be linking to the best Mac-related stuff elsewhere on the Internets as I come across it. If it sounds interesting, check it out. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in reading about my personal life, (1) you can still find that here, and (2) what’s wrong with you, anyway?

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